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Here at ACF, our arsenal of CNC machinery enables us to achieve tight tolerance precision machining in a variety of materials. Our machine shop houses various CNC lathes, vertical boring mills, and a horizontal boring mills.


Our boring mills can handle material up to 30 feet in length and 16 feet in height. Processes performed on our mills include drilling, tapping, profiling, and precision milling. Our lathes can handle material up to 38 inches in diameter and 14 feet in length. Processes performed on our lathes include turning, facing, chamfering, and threading.


We are always on the look out for additional equipment to add to our shop to expand our machining capabilities. Scroll below to see our current lineup of machines. 

Mills, Lathes, and their Machining Capabilities


PythonX Structural

  • 40ft Length Capacity

  • Precision piercing (mechanical torch arm)


Geminis Lathe

  • 51" Diameter x 196" Length Capacity

  • 11-Ton Load Capacity Between Centers

  • 14-Ton Load Capacity with Steady Rest


Samsung SMEC Lathe

  • 26.8" swing over bed

  • 15" Chuck

  • 19.7" max turning diameter

  • 122" x 64" x 31 1/2" Clearance Capacity

  • 11 Ton Weight Capacity

  • Full CNC 4th axis capabilities


LTC 25CL Leadwell

  • 25 Inch Swing

  • 20 Inch Overcross Side

  • 42 Inch Between Center


Vision Wide Tech Bridge Mill

Nishimori Lathe

  • 60" Diameter x 20' Length Capacity


Ding-Koan DK2505 Mill

  • 208" x 98" x 60" Clearance Capacity

  • Right Angle Head

  • 12 Ton Weight Capacity

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